Here is some information about what we did. First, we talked about science
fiction, realistic fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy. We also learned about place value
and the value of a number. We also learned about multiplication like 10x10=100, 1x1=1, and 100x100=1,000. Next, we also learned about rounding. We also learned about new math problems like 1,000+50,000=51,000. The last thing we have learned is spelling new words like quadrilateral.

This week we learned about Character Traits in reading. After Character Traits, our class learned about place value in math. On Wednesday, our class had a substitute I do not know about the rest of the class, but I loved the substitute.                         
By:Pink Princess

Last week was fun. I love doing Character Traits. I had fun learning about place value.  I'm enjoying learning in class. BY FOOTBALL MANIAC.