This week we learned about multiplying, we read stories like The State of  Liberty. We're learning about past present,and future tense verbs in English. We're also learning compare and contrasting.Last we're learned about Run on Sentences.

Here is some information about what we did. First, we talked about science
fiction, realistic fiction, nonfiction, and fantasy. We also learned about place value
and the value of a number. We also learned about multiplication like 10x10=100, 1x1=1, and 100x100=1,000. Next, we also learned about rounding. We also learned about new math problems like 1,000+50,000=51,000. The last thing we have learned is spelling new words like quadrilateral.

This week we learned about Character Traits in reading. After Character Traits, our class learned about place value in math. On Wednesday, our class had a substitute I do not know about the rest of the class, but I loved the substitute.                         
By:Pink Princess

Last week was fun. I love doing Character Traits. I had fun learning about place value.  I'm enjoying learning in class. BY FOOTBALL MANIAC. 

This is the last week of school.  ISTEP and IREAD are over!  Mrs. Walz says we are ready to go to 4th grade, but we will miss her.  We have learned so much this year and we want to thank you Mrs. Walz
This week , we did the math rumble (that is where we get a chance to show our parents how much we know multiplication facts). We compete boys against the girls. We get banana splits if we learn  our multiplication facts. We get a part of the banana split for every "times" test we past. We also did "Walz Idol". We got to pick a song and sing it in front of the class.  We also learned about different kinds of fractions this week. It was a busy week.

This week we are talking about the three types of rocks Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks. We are also talking about minerals.

This week we learned about nouns, plural nouns and about singular nouns and the rules of plural nouns. We also learned about common and proper nouns.  We are also learning about number lines in math. We are working on patterns, place value, rounding and comparing numbers.  

We are talking about cause - effect. We are also talking about vertices and angles. We went over  faces on 3 dimensional shapes. This  week we  are also learning about volume. We are talking about helping verbs,  verbs and nouns. We just finished subject verb agreement last week.
This week we are working on Istep writing so we would be ready for Istep next week.  Istep is next week so we have to work harder.  We will also be doing Dr.Seuss this week even though Dr.Seuss week is next week.  We read a Dr. Suess book each day.  We will not be doing Dr.Seuss next week because of Istep. We are doing fractions so we can be ready for Istep.
Last week we were reading a new story called Here's my Dollar, we worked on comparing and contrasting (like and different). Last week we were also learning about temperature. We are starting to learn about writing 5 paragraph organizers. In math, we were working on measurement. We were also doing math rumbles against other 3rd grade classes and our students in our class.

                                                                                        Eli & Kiki